Montgomery County Model Airplane Club was founded by Raymond Lefrancois (le(r) "FRAN" swah) and received its charter from the Academy of Model Aeronautics in 1985.

The club's first flying site was on the Mid-County landfill, where it operated until 1991. Operations moved to a member's property on Price's Fork Road until 1995, when the flying site returned to the Mid-County landfill. Since 2008, the club has been flying from a county sports park behind the Elliston-Lafayette volunteer fire station, off US Route 460.

The flying site being only about 310 by 310 feet square, with trees to the east, the fire station to the south, a road to the west, and a fence to the north, airplane types are somewhat limited to parkflyers of about a pound or two in weight.

The club has been holding combat streamer-cutting contests beginning in late-summer 2009, followed by our first full combat season in 2010.

The club also engages in indoor flying with much smaller airplanes, when space is available.

McMAC has also done public service programs to senior citizens and Civil Air Patrol members and flying demos at a local camp.

The club has made recurring $$ donations to the CHS After-Prom event as well.

In general, our operations are casual and laid-back, but we do emphasize safety, courtesy, and camaraderie among our members.